When Life Get’s Real

So this past week, I decided to not only embrace a 21 day fear detox but also really push for turning my new blog into my source of income. What happened was a stream of great news, followed by a stream of obstacles that made me feel like I was punched in my stomach.

The great news was that I landed affiliated partnerships with 6 top name fashion companies, and I was getting big names on twitter recognizing my work.

The obstacles that hit coincidentally the next few days were: a completely wiped out bank account, a bounce rent check and realizing my mail was being sent back to sender (including packages to be reviewed for my new blog).

It felt devastating when going through it. Old thoughts such as, this is never going to be resolved, what am I doing, I can’t make a blog my means of support, I am a failure floated in. The reality of the situation is that everything is fixable, and it was within hours of the problem.  But it is crazy how a fluke incident can really take a toll on my mental thinking.

Uncontrollable events are going to occur no matter what. That’s life. That’s what happens when going after dreams. I love the one notion, if you have something trying to set you back then you must be going after something great. The message is keep going because you are nearly there.

That is exactly what I had to do.I didn’t fell like it but I picked myself up and dusted my self off.  Instead of spending days in fear, anxiety, frustration, and doubt I pushed forward making new connections, more endorsement deals, and met with friends in the area.

How do you deal with obstacles and hiccups on your road to success?

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